Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello again :D

So it's been a while hasn't it... hello :D
Toronto was fab but also very expensive. Man the US dollar is becoming so worthless. I checked the Euro vs. the US dollar and right now for every dollar you convert you get .75 of a euro.
That's horrible (note the amount may have slightly fluctuated so bear with my estimation).

In art news: My drawing teach picked 6 of my pieces to go up in a little student exhibition. I was so happy because I kind of like to be recognized a little... its a vain trait of mine that I will own up to :)
Anyway, I feel really good about it because I think I've improved a TON in my art. I did notice that I have issues with bringing up the contrast in my pencil drawings...

So for my drawing class today my teacher says, in a Bulgarian accent mind you, "Now you will draw from imagination!"
And I was not too happy about that. There is just something about picking what the heck your going to draw that always messes me up with imaginative drawings...
Anyway, I started something abstract (of course) and I will probs post the final product here in a little while.

And finally (!) I have taken up the nanowrimo challenge! I will try and write 50,000 words by the end of this month! If you want to try, or just get a heads up on what a nanowrimo IS check out

I'm at 6,000 words as of today, I should be at 12,000 if I'm going to finish on time... so we'll see how that goes I suppose :)

Follow if you want more and I'll see ya in a few days I guess.

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