Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween! Nuf said...

So today is Halloween. As I type this I can hear scuttles of little children go from house to house hoping for some nice tasty treats.

I myself was pumped for this event, I even got dressed up with some Asian themed attire (chopsticks and kimono etc)
Anyway, turns out my dad didn't buy enough candy for the children so I had to stop passing stuff out after 10 mins. It was that or start passing out Kashi bars (which we ALL know how much little children luv the health food lol).
When my baby sister came back after getting some candy, my parents divided up the stuff she didn't like, along with a secret stash my sister had stored, and we were able to pass out a bit more of the good stuff :)

On an artistic note I finished that drapery so here is the final product!

Now I must go becuz alas my evil college professor scheduled a 4 chapter biology test for 9am sharp tomorrow.

Have a safe and happy halloween!

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