Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Our Lady of Perpetual Help" painting takes a perpetual amount of time to finish...

So I'm here again procrastinating on outlining my Biology hw...
I actually downloaded picasa for my mac, and I must say it isn't as useful as the PC version is.

Anyway, over the summer my father decided to volunteer me to paint this painting for his friend. This friend is so religious that he built a mini-church in the basement of his physical therapy business. Yea I know.

So it's safe to say that the subject I was going to paint would be religious lol

He ended up picking Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I did it in oil and it's like 24x36 (I think it's bigger than that by a little actually). It was my 3rd time painting with oils (maybe 4th idk exactly). It took FOREVER.

I took some pics of it with my phone as I went to gauge my ever-slowing-down progress.

Here's a collage of all the pics I made in picasa! :D
I'm getting better I think. I was trying to use the reference but also apply my own style and effects to the painting. I need to practice hands a LOT more though...

So I finished it and guess where it isn't at???? He said he was going to pick it up and never did. It's now hanging in my house because my mother has laid claim to it X)

I'm leaving to Canada in a few days, so it's unlikely I'll be able to update from now to then. 

Feel free to follow my blog anytime ;)


  1. Cool stuff! Where in Canada are you going?

  2. toronto :)
    It was just like new york, but with higher taxes and a cleaner atmosphere.