Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Figure drawing= Pornography??

Well I'm in a writing mood.

In my drawing class we are working on drawing fabric, just like Leonardo DaVinci did (awesome artist btw).
For some reason this topic led my mother to start complaining about the figure drawing class I must take for the winter semester at college. Figure drawing= Nude drawings.

Now I've already done this be4 during a summer camp at an Art college about a year ago. I thought it was odd at first, but I came to enjoy it (as an artistic pursuit mind you). My mother, though, can't seem to understand that figure drawing is not this crude dirty thing. I don't know if she expects massive orgies to occur during the class or something...
The funny thing is that she actually went to medical school, and I'm pretty sure they have a whole class devoted to the naked individual parts of human beings. And i'm also pretty sure that a medical student must view these parts on live, and dead, humans.

So this lead me to the conclusion that medical students obviously weren't being crude by viewing these human areas. They were looking at them scientifically and that's it. As an artist ( and maybe a futer doctor myself?) I would say that a figure drawer looks at the nude model for its aesthetic beauty, and that's it.

Anyway, I'm forced to take the class so my mum can't really argue on that point :)

Oh, here's a picture of how my cloth drawing is going. It's not done yet, I'll post the final rendition in a few days.

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